Horses Stolen, Found In Northern Davidson County

Posted at 5:09 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 22:51:02-04

It's sounds like a crime straight out of the wild west, but a middle Tennessee man says it's happening right here at home: Metro Police are investigating a possible case of horse rustling.

Now the victim is warning others to keep an eye on their horses.

Two horses in northern Davidson county, named Blade and Samson are safe and sound now, but their owner Greg Jones says Monday morning, he went to check on them after returning from a conference over the weekend, and found the gate open, with the horses missing.

He searched the area but couldn't find them.

Then he got a call from a neighbor saying they spotted a truck with a full horse trailer speeding down a nearby road Sunday night.  Then, he got another call from someone else this morning, saying they spotted two horses on the loose.

Turns out, they were Blade and Samson, both still with ropes around their necks from when they were taken.

Jones has called police to investigate.  In an ironic twist, Jones is a Metro Police mounted patrol officer.

Now Jones has a warning for other horse owners in the area, while the thieves are apparently still on the run.

“Get some cameras up,” Jones said.  “Even if I had a chain and lock on the gate, with it being so remote out here, they could have easily cut the lock on the chain.”

Jones says he wants to get the word out to see if anyone else saw anything suspicious around Bull Run Road and Pecan Valley Road Sunday night.

Metro Police are investigating.