Humphreys County public library reopens for first time since flood

Posted at 6:20 PM, May 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-10 06:47:44-04

WAVERLY, Tenn. (WTVF) — After nearly 10 months, Humphreys County Library in Waverly reopened Monday morning.

Deadly floodwaters that swept through the city damaged the structure, which also eviscerated the homes and property of hundreds of people.

The library is a sign of the city still recovering and getting closer to normal operations.

According to the library's director, Ethel Carmical, it's also a return of some key community resources the county has been without.

"We're a rural community and the computers are the only source that some people even have to use a computer," said Carmical. "Some of our children don't have computers or live so far out in the county."

Wifi and printing services are also available at the library and one of the few places in the county with those options.

However, the library also attracted many locals who the staff there consider regulars.

"Some of your elderly customers that come into us, our patrons, we miss them. So, if we don't see them for a week or two, we need to call them. They can be sick. They may not have gotten a phone call, we need to check on them," said Carmical.

The library attracted many visitors on its first day back open.

The building, AC units, shelving and some books were damaged by the floodwaters. The library only lost about 50 books, though they're not sure how many were lost in homes that were destroyed by flooding.