Hundreds Of Missing Family Photos Returned To Owner

Posted: 10:16 PM, Jun 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-02 22:44:01Z
Hundreds Of Missing Photos Returned To Owner

Hundreds of family photos missing for decades are returned, and the mystery ended with a new friendship between two Murfreesboro women.

Maxine Crisp, Bonnie Nelson and more than 100 photos were reunited at Crisp’s home in Murfreesboro. It was the first time Nelson had seen the photos in decades, and memories came flooding back.

Woman Finds Hundreds Of Unfamiliar Family Photos, Looks For Owner

“These were really personal photos that I feel like I would have kept,” said Nelson. “It was a wonderful time.

Nelson was a country music singer who toured the country performing for more than 30 years. She produced 11 albums throughout her career and was a regular performer at Fan Fair in Nashville. The photos document her time on tour and the family and friends who accompanied her. She estimated the photos were taken from the 1970’s to 1998.

“It really is like a walk down memory lane,” said Nelson.

Nelson said she converted the photos into a digital format, but the album with the originals must have been misplaced while she was moving. Crisp purchased the album at a Murfreesboro Goodwill, and found the photos inside.

Crisp reached out to NewsChannel5 in hopes that she could find the original owner of the photos and return them.  While reviewing the photos she noticed several featured a tour bus with the name Bonnie Nelson on it. Most of the photos were not marked with any dates, however a few had the names “Bonnie and Kent” “Roy and Bobbie Nelson” and “Ben Harper” on the back.

“Some of the family may not even know these are lost,” said Crisp. “If we could find their children or grandchildren that would be a great thing.”

Since both women live in Murfreesboro, a reunion happened Friday. Nelson thanked Crisp for taking good care of the photos by giving her an autographed CMA card, a CD, and a book she wrote. For Crisp, it was the closure she was hoping for.

“I feel joyful,” said Crisp.

“It’s kind of like you know me now,” joked Nelson.

Nelson said the skills she learned from being in the music business helped her in her new job.  She currently runs Firestorm Ministries International in Murfreesboro. While she doesn’t perform anymore, she was grateful to have a permanent reminder of that chapter of her life.

“Who knows what God has next,” said Nelson. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?”