'I fear for my life, I cannot get out' Woman caught in the middle of drag racing incident

Posted at 3:11 PM, Aug 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 13:08:00-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A woman said she feared for her life as she was caught in the middle of what she calls drag racing.

She’s scared after the ordeal, and asked us to hide her identity. She will be referred to as Ms. Ford in the story.

A routine trip to Taco Bell off Nolensville Pike and Concord Road ended with some tense moments for Ms. Ford. “I pull in and I couldn’t hear what the lady was saying because it’s a lot of ruckus.”

Just before midnight on Friday, Ms. Ford witnessed hundreds of people driving wild in the area. There are tire marks in the Kroger parking lot at the Mill Creek Towne Center where it appears drivers were doing donuts.“There was a line of traffic they wouldn’t let me out, I couldn’t get out. I started to film to figure out what’s going on, and a kid pulled over in his truck came up to me, covered his face, asking me if I was a snitch and started running around my car calling me names the whole 9 yards.”

She said drivers blocked the intersections so she called 911, and it went to Nashville’s dispatch. “I was in a situation where I fear for my life, I cannot get out.”

Feeling boxed-in, she also reached out to the Brentwood and Nolensville Police Department. The incident took place on the Davidson and Williamson County line. Officers eventually converged on the area and the drivers took off.“They scattered like cockroaches every which direction.”

After the ordeal, Ms. Ford posted in a neighborhood page warning people to avoid the area. Others who live nearby said the noise has been an ongoing issue, and they're also concerned for their safety. "I don’t wish that on anybody, I don’t want anybody to have to bury their kid because they’re out here acting a fool.”

Metro Nashville Police for more details on Sunday. On Monday, MNPD officials said they were aware of the racing issue and the department's Special Operations team is developing a plan to address it.

The woman said the Chief of Police in Nolensville reached out to her about her concerns with the erratic drivers and he will look into what happened.