Juvenile Crime Task Force Works To Arrest Violent Teens

Posted: 7:47 PM, Apr 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-20 01:07:38Z

The manhunt continued for teens involved in a violent crime spree that included multiple robberies and two shooting, leaving one victim fighting to stay alive.

Anyone can help by just being vigilant. Police asked residents to take the keys out of their vehicles, and make sure they are locked.

Most of the stolen vehicles were left unlocked with the keys inside, and in many cases, there were also guns left behind.

Men Wanted In Overnight Crime, Shooting Spree; 16-Year-Old Arrested

Wednesday, police were able to locate a stolen SUV used in four different robberies. They also recovered the AR-15 used to shoot two victims.

Police believe that AR-15 may have been left in an unlocked car, and the teens were able to use it in their violent crime spree. In fact, as a result, one man was still in extremely critical condition after he was shot in the torso.

Police say the Juvenile Crime task Force has been operating for two months now, and the department has seen a decrease in crime. But these crimes are getting more violent, and even when the victims complied with the teens demands, they were still shot.

The Task Force does have leads from Wednesday's crime spree, but were able to make one arrest.
The 16-year-old who is now in custody, was not on the police department's radar.