Kentucky homeowner wants city to help with massive sinkhole in his yard

Posted at 10:52 PM, Apr 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-09 00:03:20-04

OAK GROVE, Ky (WTVF) — Edward Cook says he has a massive sinkhole problem and can't fix it alone. Cook is asking the mayor to step in and help even though the sinkhole is on private property.

Cook moved to his Oak Grove, Kentucky home a little more than two years ago, but his dream home turned into a sinking nightmare.

"There was no problem, there was nothing here, there was not even a sinkhole or I wouldn’t have brought the property," said Cook.

Also an Oak Grove council member, Cook says the sinkhole in his backyard drops to 100 feet.

"There was a big storm came in and I was in the house and I heard a sound like a waterfall and I come out and there was a smaller sinkhole," said Cook.

He said it started small and it was on the neighbor’s property that lives behind him. Cook says in one week the hole was massive.

"I went to the mayor and I haven’t been able to get anywhere with her," said Cook.

The mayor told NewsChannel 5 and Cook that because the hole is on private property there’s nothing she can do. Mayor Theresa Jarvis says sinkholes are unfortunately common In Kentucky and the state can’t use public funds to fix an issue on private property.

"The trouble is the city controls the stormwater and she’s saying even if stormwater comes on private property they can’t do anything about it," said Cook.

Cook says the city gave him the name of the property owner of the house behind him but he’s been unsuccessful in contacting the owner.

He says he wishes the city could’ve done more to get a hold of the people responsible.

"You have young children that come out here, do we need to lose a child because the city refuses to do anything," Cook said.

His next step is to the EPA about the stormwater run-off then he will speak to an attorney.