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Lasagna mamas and papas spread love by delivering free food

Lasagna Love
Posted at 4:29 PM, Jan 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-26 21:56:41-05

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF)  — Mamas and papas are making lasagnas to spread love to people who have fallen on hard times during the pandemic.

The labor of love is warming people's hearts while filling their stomachs. Penney Rudicil describes herself as a lasagna mama. "I put different things in, different amounts, I’m one of those cooks that doesn’t follow a recipe because I think I always know the best, so it’s never the same,” Rudicil said.

Penney volunteers for Lasagna Love, a non-profit started by a California mom during the pandemic. They deliver comfort food to people in need due to the pandemic. "It can be financial, it can be emotional, it can be a shut-in," Rudicil said.

People who've fallen on tough times can apply online, and then they're matched with a volunteer. Rudicil said, “It just means everything." If you need a home-cooked meal, here’s the link to sign up.

Sandy Birdsong said Penney's lasagna came at the perfect time right after her husband's surgery. "Penney who is just an angel on this earth brought a hot lasagna to our front door even with bread, and it was just a God-send," Birdsong said.

Lasagna takes hours to cook in most cases, and it’s a labor of love that goes a long way. "It was so good, and it just meant the world to us," Birdsong said.

It makes Penney happy knowing she made a difference in someone's life. Penney, her husband, and her granddaughter have delivered nearly 60 lasagnas since October. If you want to volunteer to cook, or donate supplies, click here.