La Vergne Alderman Makes History

Posted at 10:48 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 00:01:55-05

The first African-American to serve as alderman for La Vergne was elected Tuesday night.

Calvin Jones said he was home watching the national coverage of the election when he heard about the local results.

Jones was appointed to fill a vacant Alderman seat in 2014.

This year, he officially ran for the first time and won by about 80 votes.

"At least 3610 people felt I did a good job during those two years. We lowered the taxes, we increased our Police Department, we increased our fire department, we bought 10 police cars, we had industry come in --- we got us a new Walmart and we're continuing to grow and I think what they saw is that we are on the road moving forward and they wanted that momentum to continue to grow," he said.

He said he's proud of the historical moment but said not everyone is happy. He's already had to answer unwelcoming phone calls.

''You have to understand I didn't get 100% of the votes and that's the way elections go. Everyone is not always happy but again I believe in letting my record speak for me as far as what I got for the city and what the current administration has done," he said.

" We're growing and we hope to continue to grow and once the majority sees that that type of talk or that type of action is not necessary and then we can continue to move forward," he said.

There were two seats up for grabs. Jason Cole was also elected.