Lady Decorates Car Because 'It's Still Kickin' With More Than 400K Miles

Posted at 7:59 PM, Feb 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-04 23:17:24-05

A lady has decorated her car for every holiday in the USA since it's still driving with over 400,000 miles on it.

"There's some people embarrassed of my car," Margie Felts said. "They said, 'I wouldn't be caught dead in that car!' But most people in the world love it, so I'm excited."

Photos: Lady Decorates Car Because 'It's Still Kickin'

It's hard to miss Felts when she's driving down the road.

"They get behind me and they take videos," Felts said. "And if I pull over, they'll get behind me and say, 'Can I take a picture?!' They'll get excited and say, 'Ooo I love it!'"

Felts is a bundle of joy. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious. She said she has only been pulled over one time.

"The airport police lights start shining on me! They said, 'You can't come through the terminal like that.' I haven't been back over there since! They got me a ticket! So I said no more airport!" Felts said.

People stop by to see her all the time.

"I love it. Just wondering if she's got a boyfriend that's going to take her out?!" James Howarth said.

Felts said, "No, I'm actually single!"

Sadly, Felts' husband died last year. Decorating her car is a hobby she started in 2016 to help spread happiness among the community.

"I'm like this all the time! Everybody said do you ever get depressed? I said no!" Felts said.

She said the Toyota Camry is the best car she's ever had.

"My car's like famous and a celebrity right now so I'm excited!" Felts said. "I brought out something that everybody loves!"

She enjoys celebrating its long life.

"400,000 miles and still kickin' this baby got a heart in it! Haha! It's still going!" Felts laughed.

She's excited to decorate for the holidays ahead. "I can't wait to do Easter!" Felts said.

Felts added she also has candy in the heart pockets on the doors for any kids who stop by to see her car on Valentine's Day.