Lawmakers Talk Gun Control, Guns in Schools

Posted at 7:44 PM, Feb 22, 2018

From bump stocks to arming teachers, guns were on the minds of lawmakers in the state legislature Thursday. 

Democrats promoted a bill to regulate bump stocks in a press conference after the house floor session. The bill would regulate any accessory that accelerate's the fire of a semiautomatic firearm to be used only at a licensed shooting range. Also, no one with a prior criminal conviction could legally buy them in the state.

"This is a bill that will make Tennessean's safer and I'm calling on my colleagues to come together and approve this to bring common sense legislation to the people of Tennessee," said state representative Dwayne Thompson, the bills sponsor.

A republican senator and even Governor Bill Haslam said something needs to be done about bump stocks.

"I don't know anyone who are hunters or are friends of mine who own bump stocks," said state senator Bill Ketron. "I don't think it's that big of a seller. I don't have a problem with the elimination of that."

State legislators also weighed in on arming teachers in schools. Ketron said he would support teachers having guns. He said any teacher that wanted to carry would only do so voluntarily.

"What would rather do, step in front of bullets, or be able to shoot back and save other children?" He asked.

However, the governor did not think that was the best way to handle the situation in Tennessee.

"I don't know that's the solution, because, while that might help in a few cases, there's not many teachers that A, are going to want to do that and B, are going are going to want to take on that primary role to do that," said governor Haslam.