Lime scooters log 100,000 miles in first 45 days in Nashville

Posted at 7:12 AM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 08:15:51-04

In their first 45 days in Nashville, Lime scooters logged about 100,000 miles -- that’s 4.4 trips around the globe or 46 trips from Middle Tennessee to the West Coast.

Originally, electronic scooters weren’t welcome in Nashville. In the spring, Bird scooters popped up in Nashville unannounced, which started a legal battle with Metro government. This summer, Metro council established rules for scooters.

Lime reports the average rider travels 1/2 mile and the average ride is ten minutes. The average speed is 3.5 mph.

It costs $1 to start a Lime scooter and $0.15 for every minute. If every trip were ten minutes, Lime would have made about $250,000 in it’s first few weeks. 

According to Lime’s data, the most popular destinations on scooters are The Gulch, Centennial Park, downtown, Division Street, Nissan Stadium, the pedestrian bridge and Bridgestone Arena. Ridership peaks on weekends and fair weather days.

Bird scooter said it does not have Nashville-specific data, but released this statement: 

“Bird wants to provide an affordable and reliable transportation option to communities everywhere. Since Bird has been in Nashville, we have been thrilled to see residents and visitors embrace our transportation option as an environmentally friendly way to get around town. We remain committed to improving access to this option for people throughout the city and we will continue to work closely with local leaders on making Bird an integrated part of the transportation system."