Local Dog Owner Warns Community After Dog Attack

Posted at 7:33 PM, Apr 29, 2018

A local family's home surveillance system caught the moment their French Bulldog was mauled to death in their yard. 

After this happened, the family wanted to warn other pet owners and get "Justice for Leo." 

Leo and Tara Knowles' 4-year-old were best friends.

"He just was really good with the girls and playing, and he was just so friendly and full of life," Knowles said.

Leo and the 4-year-old girl would have tea parties in the Paddock Place neighborhood. 

Photos: Family Wants 'Justice For Leo' After Pet Killed

On April 21, Knowles put Leo on the lead line for a little bit while she was inside their home.

"We were walking outside to go get my mom a birthday cake, and we saw him laying in the driveway," Knowles said. "And we looked on the security cameras and noticed he was attacked by dogs." 

As the video shows, Leo sniffed the two dogs and they walked around. Moments later, the dogs attacked Leo. It's too graphic to post the video online. 

"When I talked to the animal control lady, she said that she's been doing it for 17 years, and she's never seen such aggression like that and she did not doubt one minute that that would have been a kid that they could have done that to a child," Knowles said.

Knowles said her daughter is now afraid to be alone and is having nightmares.

"My 4-year-old was right there and she seen it," Knowles said. "And she was like 'No that's my brother!' and she just lost it, and then she's been scared to be outside because of these two dogs." 

Knowles said she immediately alerted the Wilson County Sheriff's Department.

"I definitely want justice for Leo," Knowles said. "What I'm concerned about now is these dogs. They're still loose, we have not found them. So we need to find these dogs, so we can feel safe at home again." 

Wilson County Animal Control set up a dog trap in their yard. 

Knowles said the dogs have been spotted near the Hermitage and Mt. Juliet line. 

Animal Control has been in touch with the dogs' owner, but until they are caught, Knowles said pet owners should keep animals inside.

"Never assume your yard is safe," Knowles said.

If you happen to see these two dogs running at large in your neighborhood, you can call Wilson County Animal Control at 615-444-9775.

The family filed a report with a sheriff's deputy. They plan on consulting with a lawyer to determine whether any legal action should be taken.