Local Family Plans On Building Special Needs Center In Son's Memory

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jul 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-21 23:44:12-04

A Dickson County couple wants to build a special needs center in honor of their son. The center would be the first of its kind in the area.

Mayson Garton was described by his parents as full of love. He loved the beach, the pool, and Meghan Trainor songs.

"He loved unconditionally, and that's how everybody should love. He was definitely a Godsend," Lonae Garton said.

Mayson was their miracle baby.

"They said it was such a rare disorder, partial Trisomy 17, that they did not know what it was going to affect, but they said he wouldn't live a day," Garton said. "And we refused to terminate like they had suggested, and we had him 17 years last November."

Mayson passed away in February, but his memory will live on through a non-profit they are working to build called Mayson's Place.

The facility will be an inclusive center for children with special needs. On Saturday, families who had loved ones with disabilities came together for a dance party at the Bibb White Bluff Civic Center.

What they need most is a sense of community.

"We are not familiar with a center anywhere close in our area on this side of Nashville," Garton said.

Some of these families live in rural areas. They have to travel over an hour away for medical care.

"A lot of times when they got to travel that far, the therapies sometimes don't get done," Carl Garton said.

Carl Garton wants to build a therapy room at the center and, of course, a pool -- Mayson's favorite.

"We want the fully accessible handicap pool and the big hot tub area," Garton said.

Right now, they're hosting events as they work on gaining their non-profit status. Then, they will start raising money so that their dream can come true.

"We want them to know that it's a safe place, it's a secure place, and it's love," Garton said.

If you live in Dickson County or the surrounding areas and would like to get involved, you can follow  Mayson's Place on Facebook.

The Garton family plans on having their first fundraiser for the special needs center in September.