Local Gun Expert Talks About Bump Stocks

Posted at 6:18 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 19:18:44-04

Information from law enforcement investigating Sunday's mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip have said Stephen Paddock had what's called a "bump stock." It's a device that simulates the fire rate of an automatic rifle.

They have been available online with a simple search and are legal. Though firearm instructor John Coley of the Academy of Personal Protection and Security said they're a gimmick.

"It's not illegal," Coley said. "ATF classifies it as a legal item. It doesn't alter the mechanics of how the gun functions."

According to Coley, the stock of the gun and the grip are one piece on a bump stock. There's a metal stop in front of the trigger and when the front of the gun is pushed forward, it fires, mimicking the repeating motion of an automatic gun.

Pictures from the Mandalay Bay hotel room crime scene show multiple rifles on the floor. One of them appears to be equipped with the specialized stock.

Coley said even though he's heard of the gun accessory, he doesn't know anyone who owns one.

"They're out there on the market, but you don't see too many guys with them," said Coley. Also, Coley said it's difficult to tell from video of the Las Vegas massacre what the shooter was using. He said it appeared to sound like automatic fire, but he could not really tell unless he was up close.

"It was either a highly modified rifle that was capable of automatic gunfire or definitely had an automatic weapon," said Coley.

Coley said he doesn't know of any ranges in Metro Nashville that allow the accessory to be used.