Local Mom Photographs Kids To Honor Armed Forces

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 04, 2016

A local mom honored our armed forces by photographing kids in military families so that they can send the pictures to their family members serving away from home.

Stephanie Mullowney said, "It started with my daughter she's been the inspiration to me. She was born with down syndrome and my whole tag line was 'look with your eyes, but see with you heart' and I want people to see the inner beauty." 

Mullowney said after a photograph of her 2-year-old went viral, she decided to start a photography business.

For the 4th of July Holiday, she photographed children who have family members in the military. 

Mullowney said, "It's not just hot dog and fireworks for everybody. There are those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones on this day. It's kinda like memorial day for them, or they're just sitting there waiting for their loved one to get back from being deployed."

Trista Wright said she has 4 people in her family who are training or active.

Wright said, "My brother is currently deployed on his 4th deployment, he's been serving for about 13 years. And just seeing the sacrifices he makes and the sacrifices his wife and children make, it's just they do so much."

Wright sent her brother the patriotic pictures of Jayden, Grayson, and Lacey. He's in the air force, but his location is undisclosed. 

Wright said, "While we're out here getting to enjoy the freedoms and celebrate freedom, they're fighting for them right now."

So as Mullowney finds inspiration, soldiers are left with a sign of appreciation.

Mullowney said, "Lot of tears, the shoots are very emotional...It's a bittersweet celebration I think for them."

For more information, visit her website here.