2 Arrested In 140-Pound Pot Bust In Nashville

Posted at 5:38 AM, Jul 22, 2016

Two suspects have been arrested after officers recovered 140-pounds of marijuana in Nashville.

Officials with Metro Nashville Police said they received a tip about a cargo box full of drugs being shipped to a north Nashville home.

With the help of a police K9, they found 140-pounds of pot inside a parcel, boxed it back up and followed the delivery to the home. The crate had been shipped from Phoenix.

There, they arrested Tusabi Edwards for felony drug offenses. Police said Edwards flew into Nashville this week to oversee the sale of the marijuana.

He posted pictures on Facebook from his flight to Nashville International Airport.

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Another suspect, identified as Terrence Reames, was arrested for allegedly providing the home to break down the pot for re-sale. He later bonded out of jail on $200,000. 

Police said the pot is estimated to be worth at least $600,000.