Animals Rescued, Brought To Emergency Shelter

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 21:21:21-05

Around 20 dogs were rescued in Clay County after being abandoned.

A pop up emergency shelter activated in Lebanon where volunteers were able to take care of the dogs after they were rescued Wednesday.

On Thursday volunteers worked to get the rescued dogs used to human touch again.

“You try to not make eye contact, and you just give them the opportunity to come to you,” Andrea Paslick said.

Paslick is a volunteer with the Animal Rescue Corps.

“He was not having it at first, but a lot of them you’ll notice they’ll come forward in their crates and some of them that are more shut down and weary of people will stay in the back of their crates,” Paslick said.

Deb Barnes, also a volunteer, said the dogs were found in unimaginable conditions.

“It was dirty and feces and there was no water except for rain water that had frozen, and we don’t know the last time they ate,” Barnes said.

Barnes said some of the dogs didn’t make it after being left in the cold.

“They found three deceased dogs on the property, and the vet initially thinks died from exposure,” Barnes said.

The dogs were given a sweater to help them recover.

“Unfortunately it seems like there is never an end to the cases,” Barnes said.

Barnes said their work is far from over. They have been expecting another group of rescued dogs from West Tennessee on Thursday.

Once the dogs are treated they will be sent to various adoption shelters and their status can be followed by clicking here.