Basketball Manager Makes Memorable 3-Point Shot

Posted at 6:23 PM, Feb 06, 2016

Congratulations to a Franklin Road Academy senior for making a memorable shot.

Friday night was Senior Night at FRA, and basketball manager Robert Lewis got to enter the game.

With five seconds left, Lewis got the ball and hit a 3-pointer to everyone's delight!  

His team mates, fans in the crowd, and even opposing team members rushed the court, hoisting Lewis into the air.

"I just loved that moment when everybody was so happy for me," Lewis said.

"I've just never seen so much love in one gym in my life," said Judy Lewis, Robert's mother.

Robert's brother, Matthew, is a basketball player for University School of Nashville, and the coach of that team sent Matthew in to guard Robert during his memorable three-point shot.

Robert is a member of the Heart to Heart program where students with Down syndrome have been integrated into the classroom.

His brother played for the opposing team.