Citizens Write Letters To State Leaders In D.C.

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 20:38:20-05

Words, whether spoken or written, can have a big impact on a community, a state, and our nation's future. That's what citizens visiting Casa Azafran Friday were counting on as they put pen to paper the day a new president was sworn into office.

"I'm sending them to Alexander and to Corker," said one woman. 

Most people in the writing room were immigrants or sons and daughters of immigrants. As the nation turned a new leaf, they're hoping old words will not be forgotten.

"This is to Senator Bob Corker, thank you for your service... as an immigrant myself I believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Please continue to support our immigrants and immigration reform," said Kim Lane, an immigrant from South Africa. 

Conexion Americas has prided itself in being a safe haven for immigrants, dreamers, and refugees, all of whom hold some reservations about the new presidential administration.

"We hope to be surprised and whatever was said during the campaign trail will not become the policy our new president moves forward, but we are uncertain and we're fearful of what the future might be," said Conexion Americas Executive Director Renata Soto. 

One voice and one letter at a time, these citizens have been making sure their hopes and concerns reach our nation's capitol and our state leaders.

"I just hope that everyone in Washington remembers this country was built on immigrants," said Lane. 

Conexion Americas has planned to take a small group to Washington in February to hand deliver the letters to state leaders.