Family Restores 1970 Monte Carlo For Surprise

Posted at 10:34 PM, May 01, 2016

A big reveal had a Mid-State woman in tears of joy after a difficult past year.

Lisa Lamont got back her 1970 Monte Carlo that her friends and family fully restored for her, and NewsChannel 5 was there for the big surprise.

“I’ve got to hug everybody!” Lisa said as she burst into tears Sunday afternoon. “Thank you! Thanks everybody!”

Lamont said she was forced to sell her car last year, while she was caring for her sick mother, to pay for her final expenses.

Her cousin bought the car, and for the last seven months, dozens of friends and family members secretly restored it to like-new condition.

Lisa's family tricked her into thinking she was heading to a surprise birthday party for a family member Sunday when she found out the real surprise was meant for her.