Fundraiser Held For Popular Dragon Sculpture

Posted at 9:52 PM, May 15, 2016

The large dragon structure at Fannie Mae Dees Park has been a staple there for decades, but now a massive effort has gotten underway to get it repaired.

Dozens showed up at a fundraiser for the dragon structure at the park on Sunday.

The larger than life dragon that has fueled the minds of children for more than 30 years has been caged up for now because some of the mosaic on the dragon has fallen off or cracked over the years.

So the head of the Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood association decided to help by throwing a fundraiser for the dragon structure.

The group even gave the dragon its very own Facebook page to raise money.

“People are passionate about the dragon,” said Martha Stinson, the neighborhood association president. “They played on it, they bring their kids to play on it, people come and marvel at it, it's a very majestic creative form, it’s very inspiring, and it's the backdrop to a lot of people’s lives.”

Click here for more information about the efforts to restore the dragon structure on the gofundme page set up for the restoration.