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Former Councilman Greene Admits To Lying Under Oath

Posted at 11:40 AM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2018-06-28 17:43:16-04

Former city councilman Loniel Greene took the stand to testify in a case involving his cousin, who has been accused of assault, after Greene allegedly tried to keep the victim from testifying in court.

According to reports, documents showed the surety on Tavares Buchanan’s bond was paid by his cousin, Greene. At issue in court Wednesday was whether the bond was paid for with “dirty money.”



The Davidson County District Attorney opened an investigation into allegations of questionable conduct by Greene after information surfaced showing he may have lied under oath about having money to pay for Buchanan’s bond.

On the stand Wednesday, Greene attempted to recant his previous testimony that he had bond money, likely to avoid being charged with lying under oath.

The former councilman added he got Buchanan’s bond money from a bag that was behind his mother’s sofa.

When asked by the state, "Did you testify you were the source for bond?" Greene responded, "Yes."

The state then asked if that was true, to which Greene replied, "No." When asked if he was under oath at the time, Greene said, "Yes."

Councilman Greene added the state approached him with a deal to not prosecute him for perjury or money laundering if he testified Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, detectives discussed two cell phones they found from Buchanan. The phones contained videos of the victim lying naked and beaten. Those in the courtroom Wednesday said the victim could be seen crying.



The defense argued the phones were seized without a search warrant.

The judge questioned Greene's truthfulness when vulgar recorded phone calls were read out loud. The victim stormed out of the courtroom when Greene tried to back track from his phone calls.

Buchanan’s attorney also said he was retained less than 36 hours prior to the court appearance Wednesday and asked for more time before the state presented their case. The judge wanted to allow the hearing to move forward.

Information that Greene attempted to keep the victim from testifying came from the 31-year-old victim, who has been in protective custody following the alleged assault by Buchanan on Christmas Day last year.

Buchanan and the victim were in a six year relationship and have three children together.

She eventually fled to a domestic violence shelter with her three young children after contacting the police.

According to reports, the victim continued to receive threats following Greene’s recent resignation as city councilman.