Homeless Campers Ordered To Leave Fort Negley

Posted at 10:16 AM, Apr 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 20:30:50-04

The tent city community at Fort Negley has been ordered to move out, as part of the city's effort to reinforce its no camping laws.

Advocates for the homeless said they feel these residents will probably just pick up camp and move to another tent city, which they feel doesn't address the problem.
The lack of affordable housing in Nashville has been something many experts have gone so far as to call a crisis.
The homeless who have set up camp have been given an eviction notice to be out of Fort Negley by 11 p.m. Friday.
Tent city residents and supporters have planned to protest Friday because they feel city officials should either authorize land for them to camp on or implement a solid plan to bring thousands of affordable housing units to Nashville.
On the other hand, city officials said they cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this camp because it's illegally nested in a Davidson County park.
Barry recently released her $10 million affordable housing plan which she hopes will solve many of the ongoing housing issued including Nahville's large homeless population.
“My goal as Mayor is to ensure that everyone in Davidson County has access to a safe, affordable place to live," said Barry in a press release on the crack down on Ft. Negley. “While some activists have issued demands for Metro to open up alternative park land for sanctioned camps, we do not believe that is the proper course of action for a variety of legal and public safety reasons and that reasonable accommodations have been made to remove barriers to relocation for those currently living in the park."
The Mayor's office said they will provide transportation for the homeless, and said they would not forcibly remove anyone showing a "good faith effort to work with us to find an alternative place to live."
They have also planned to give the residents the opportunity to store their personal items at Greer Stadium.
In the meantime, advocates and people living in the camp rallied at City Hall Friday evening.
Supporters planned to march to Fort Negley and stage a "sleep out" in protest.

To read Mayor Barry's complete statement on the city's enforcement on Fort Negley, click here.