Homeless Seek Shelter During Cold Temperatures

Posted at 6:17 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 19:25:21-05

The Nashville Rescue Mission and other shelters in Middle Tennessee have been working to keep the homeless warm and fed as temperatures drop leading into the winter season. 

“We don’t turn anyone away. When it’s dangerously cold like this, we encourage them to come in, and we’re going to find you a place to spend the night, warm and safe," Glenn Cranfield, president and CEO of the Nashville Rescue Mission, said on Friday. 

On Thursday night, the Nashville Rescue Mission accepted 930 people into their shelter: men, women, and children. 

“If it wasn’t for this place, I’m sure a lot of these people wouldn’t be here, period," Doug Edwards, a temporary resident at the Nashville Rescue Mission said. "Oh lord, I’m so thankful to the lord, and just thank God that this place even exists.”

The Nashville Rescue Mission doesn't just provide a warm place to sleep for those in need, but it has also provided meals and even helps people find jobs and fight their demons. 

“They kept me from starving and kept me out from under the bridge and off the streets," Edwards said of the mission. 

In extreme cold, the Nashville Rescue Mission will canvas the city with Metro officials to make sure that everyone in need has the resources they need to make it through the night. 

The Nashville Rescue Mission has accepted donations throughout the year, and they also welcome volunteers to help during the busy winter months.