Icy Overpasses, Fog Cause Morning Commute Hazard

Posted at 5:28 AM, Dec 21, 2016

Icy overpasses and bridges caused some issues for drivers on their morning commute.

Reports stated some areas, including on Interstate 65 at Ellington Parkway, were a solid sheet of ice. At least one crash had occurred at that location.

Crews with the Tennessee Department of Transportation headed out Wednesday morning to salt areas that were reported as icy or affected by freezing fog.

Several drivers described how difficult their morning commute was as multiple crashes were reported.

"I just got on the interstate, and I hit an ice patch and almost lost control of the car," said Cynthia Sharp. "I started to go toward one guard rail, overcorrected, and ended up over here which could've been a lot worse."

A Freezing Fog Advisory was issued for Middle and West Tennessee until 9 a.m. The fog was heavy in several areas and caused more issues, freezing as drivers took to the roads in the morning hours.



Drivers were advised to use extreme caution as they headed out on the interstates and roadways.