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Man's Home Floods 2nd Time Since 2010 Flood

Posted at 5:09 PM, Sep 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-02 19:34:08-04

A Nashville man who had heavy damage to his home in 2010 again saw flooding due to tropical depression Harvey.

It was Thursday night when flash flooding rose water from the creek behind Chip Chambliss' home high enough to seep into his lowest level. The water rose in ten minutes and only stayed at the peak for about 30 minutes before receding out of his house.

"It hit Houston, came through here and all of the rain. It just backed up again and came up about three inches in the house and made a mess in the yard," said Chambliss.

The waters pushed chairs, lumber, and debris into the side of Chambliss' fence and onto his patio.

He and his wife have been trying to pay off flood damage from 2010. Flood waters then reached halfway up the top floor window, damaging all of their furniture and walls. The cost for fixing everything from the first flood was $185,000. The Chambliss family has still been paying off $10,000 from that storm.

This most recent flooding only reached as high as a couple inches in the home, but they haven't been sure what the cost will be to fix the water damage this time.

He said an insurance adjuster will soon give him the news.