March For Science Protesters Take To The Streets Of Nashville

Posted at 8:02 PM, Apr 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-22 21:06:13-04

March for Science protesters took to the streets to mark Earth Day.

Scientists, students, and research advocates marched through downtown Nashville Saturday to send a clear message: they support science.

"Stand up, fight back, science is under attack," chanted protesters.

With saying they're under attack, thousands of protesters came out ready to strike back.

"We have to think critically and build using facts. Facts are facts, facts are not alternatives, facts are facts," shouted one person at the rally.

Scientists, students, and research advocates rallied from Legislative Plaza with one message. Science matters.

Since Inauguration Day, people have pounded the pavement in Nashville for women, for taxes, and now for science. Protesters said they were marching to shine a light on the Trump administration's disregard for evidence based policy.

"There's little respect for science among the decision makers right now and that the funding for science is in jeopardy under Trump's proposed budget, and I think it's really important to stand up and be heard," said David Schlundt, Vanderbilt University, Health Psychologist.

But it wasn't just feet pounding the pavement, so was the rain.

Despite the weather, protesters joined in the march that happened in 500 cities across the country.

"Really without science we would still be hunters and gatherers and dying at the age of 40. Science has given us a quality of life that is just remarkable," said Schlundt.

It's a quality of life that protesters have been hoping to make even more remarkable.

"We are a nation of highly intelligent people that can do better and want to do better instead of going backwards," said one protester.

More than 600 marches happened around the world.