Metro Public Health Department Gives OK To Old Hickory Rock Quarry

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 01, 2016

It's been a fight that's gone on for months, but opponents of a proposed rock quarry in Old Hickory have experienced another setback.

The Metro Public Health Department gave the OK for the project to continue, issuing air quality permits as the quarry goes forward.

Those with the health department said if the quarry operators remain in compliance with the permit conditions, they doesn't think public health will be at risk.

Neighbors and city leaders said they'll be keeping a close watch on the Quarry operators.

“We're going to have to enforce the truck weight limits down there and monitor the dust and how they make sure they keep the dust down on the roads, which is supposed to be through water remediation and keeping those roads wet,” said Metro Councilman Larry Hagar.

We reached out to the project managers, Industrial Land Developers, but NewsChannel 5 did not hear back.