Shots Fired Into Home North Of Nashville

Posted at 5:58 AM, Jul 06, 2016

Police were called to a residence north of Nashville Wednesday morning, after shots were fired into a home where a grandmother, an infant, and several children were inside asleep.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said the drive-by shooting was reported along Richmond Hill Drive, located not far from Brick Church Pike in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Police believe it could be gang related. No one was injured, but at least two shell casings were found at the scene.

The homeowner, Charlene French was left to clean up the gunshot residue and broken glass that was left behind on her front porch. 

Charlene French said, "All I know is I heard a shot about 2-2:30 and I woke my granddaughter up and I said did you hear that and they thought it was fireworks and I was like nahh that's too close! And this is what they did."

French pointed at the bullet holes that pierced her door. French said, "I saw this black car across the street. I didn't think nothing about because people visiting people and doing things."

When we sat down with her she told us she's not doing okay. It was the second time in one month that she said someone had opened fire on her home.

French said, "This is my family. This is all I have." Through tears she told NewsChannel 5 she wakes up every morning hours before the sun comes up.

French said, "Before my feet hit the floor I say thank you Jesus for waking me up and that's it."

Wednesday morning, she said her prayers were answered. No one was injured in the shooting.

French said, "I'm going to take care of these babies. I go to work every day whether I feel like it or not!"

A bullet came through the front door and traveled to the upstairs bedroom where her 19-year-old grandson was sleeping.

Claybrooks said, "If it would have came up this way, I would have been dead." He said he didn't see the bullet hole until crime scene technicians showed up.

Claybrooks said, "Police moved the bed and I was were like dang!" French said she's not sure who they would target her house twice.

French said, "We barred some of they friends from coming here because we didn't like they company. So we said you just can't come back no more and I guess they mighta got a little upset?"

As she pondered what happened, police searched for suspects. The Madison Precinct was investigating.