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Tad Cummins' Request To Be Released From Jail Denied

Posted at 2:19 PM, Aug 31, 2017

A former Maury County school teacher who sparked a nationwide manhunt after taking a student across the country has been denied his request to be released from jail.

The judge said the motion to re-open a detention hearing at Cummins' request was denied on Thursday. The motion would have allowed Cummins to be released from jail.

According to the judge, the motion could not proceed because a motion was granted on Wednesday to give Cummins new representation.

A motion filed by his former counsel, Dumaka Shabazz, requested he be relieved from representing Cummins.

In another motion that was filed, Brent Horst became Cummins' new attorney.

Due to this move, the judge denied Cummins' original request.

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