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Tenants Upset Over Issues At Radnor Towers

Posted at 4:46 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 19:26:53-04

Residents at the Radnor Towers have been upset that two elderly people were evicted. Their belongings were set out on the curb.

They said there have been some growing pains at the Radnor Towers in the Glen Cliff neighborhood during the construction.

"Some people can't breathe because of it, and the dust we got up on our floor, up on 7th, is cause of the sheet rock and white walls and stuff and it's all over the floor," Kathleen Curry said. 

Due to issues, low income residents had to move to a hotel or a different floor during construction.

"There was one lady who had mushrooms growing in her bathroom on mold." 

This lady didn't want to be identified because she's scared of not having a place to live. 

She sent us photos from her room. Tenants in the newly renovated apartments have been hopeful things will get better.

"My apartments nice, I like it," Curry said. 

While they settle in, all the talk on this sidewalk has been about the two people who won't get to live in the new apartments.

"I heard that the man that was evicted, he died, which they had to put his stuff out because wasn't anybody who was going to come after his stuff. Which is pitiful." 

Neighbors believe they couldn't pay rent.

"Came to my apartment several times to get food, it was a pitiful situation she was in." 

All of their stuff was "set out" in the grass Monday.

They couldn't afford movers or a new place, according to friends.

"The last time I seen her, they had thrown her out, and she was walking up the street with one bag and her purse in her hand."

While it may seem harsh, it's the law.

LHP Properties called our reporter from Knoxville. They said the two residents were given a 30-day notice in June to fix an issue.

There were two court sessions in August, and then the Sheriff came in and evicted the two tenants.

"I worry about this lady. Where is she at? Because the last I seen her she was walking." 

So now as these items remained in the grass, this tight knit community has been left wondering what their future holds.

"I can't afford to move out of there. When you're on just a monthly income, you gotta stretch them pennies to make it work." 

LHP Capital issued us the following statement:

"We are in the middle of a $10 million renovation to modernize and refurbish Radnor Towers and all 189 units. Our goal is to provide quality living environments our residents are proud to call home and we are looking forward to the completion of Radnor’s renovation later this year when we can open our doors for a community-wide celebration."