Vandal Leaves Unwanted Surprise To East Nashville Couple

Posted at 10:10 PM, Oct 30, 2016

Halloween may be Monday, but at least one couple in East Nashville already dealt with a creepy incident before the weekend. 

The couple who lives in the 1400 block of Greenwood Avenue said as they were asleep, a person ripped off their car mirrors, smashed their pumpkins, and neatly piled them on the doorstep. 

"It's a little crazy, it's East Nashville weirdness," Boo Gorden, a Greenwood Avenue resident, said. 

One of the residents was concerned since the flower pots and mats were overturned as if the culprit was searching for keys. 

The homeowner who didn't want to go on camera told NewsChannel 5 that they have lived in the neighborhood for six months and felt the incident was more random than targeted. 

That same night, a woman down the street also had several of her pumpkins smashed along the sidewalk. 

Both of the victims posted to an East Nashville neighborhood watch Facebook page to warn other neighbors. If that wasn't enough, a woman driving down Greenwood Avenue around 2 a.m. that night reported that she had to drive up the curb to go around a line of random furniture and objects lined across the street. 

"With the pumpkin smashing and destroying other people's property, that's not cool," Melissa Bahan, a neighbor, said. 

Some neighbors believed it could have been a robbery ploy to get drivers to step out of their vehicles. 

Several believed the culprits behind the incidents were teenagers or young kids. However, the homeowner whose car mirrors were yanked was told by police that it seemed to be a "crazy person" instead.