Viral: 4-Year-Old Gives Gift To Waste Crew

Posted at 10:20 PM, Dec 25, 2016

Call it an unconventional bond. A video of a 4-year-old Spring Hill boy giving cookies to his garbage man went viral.

If anyone has asked 4-year-old Colton what his favorite day of the week is, he’s probably told them Wednesday.

"Every time he hears them coming down the street, he gets really excited and has to look out the window or go out on the porch and see them,” said Colton’s mother, Lisa Reese.

Lisa said every Wednesday morning before school, Colton has waited for his neighborhood's garbage crew to pick up trash. Over that time, a bond was formed.

"They first really talked to him a couple weeks ago. Picked him up, let him play with the levers, put him in the driver's seat of the truck, and he had a good time at that,” said Wes Cockerham, Colton's dad.

Wes said Colton has enjoyed the experience, and to thank the crew, he wanted to spread some Christmas cheer.

Last week, Colton waited at the end of the driveway for his new friends.

“He picked out sprinkles and picked out chocolate chip cookies at the store, so he baked those the night before and he made each one of them a Christmas card,” Lisa said. “So he drew a Christmas tree and wrote Merry Christmas inside.”

Lisa's video of Colton giving out cookies and cards had more than 193,000 views on Facebook.

As for their gift to him, he got his very own waste management vest.

“It's crazy, but it's pretty cool that so many people are getting to experience what we get to experience with him every day,” Lisa said.

And as many would be able to guess, Colton will probably be waiting to say hello once again on Wednesday.

"He was a fireman for Halloween two years ago,” Lisa said. “He was a police officer this year, and he puts the ambulance drivers, EMTs, police, firemen, and the garbage men all on the same hero pedestal.”

Wes said his son sometimes sleeps in his new vest.