Visiting Couple Perfects Attending The CMA Music Festival

CMA Fest crowd
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jun 11, 2016

When the gates opened at the Riverfront Stage for the CMA Music Festival, thousands of people flooded in.

Most spent time eyeing out the perfect location to watch the shows, but for Brian and Jane Burley, their decision was simple. They sit in the same spot, and have for the last four years.

"This is where we like to be. It's a great place to watch it, watch people, so that's why we enjoy doing this," Brian said. 

The Columbus Ohio natives have figured out how to navigate through the crowds and concerts.

"We come here everyday to the Riverfront. We see who we want to see, we start to cook a little bit, too hot and then we move on and do other things," Brian said.  

However, they never stray too far, and when back at Riverfront, they openly invite strangers to sit with them.

"Friday we had the wall covered, and there wasn't much space left. So it's all a part of the deal," laughed Brian. 

Country music and southern hospitality, qualities of Nashville that keep the Burleys coming back.

"I look at it as 80,000 of my best friends," said Brian. "There's all walks of life here. It's a lot of fun, it truly is."