Volunteers Give Thank You Gifts To Local Police

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 20:07:13-04

Five women, who before Friday were strangers, come together over snacks and a cause.

"Like everyone else it touches your heart," said Cande Cluff. "It's horrible, the people who are trying to protect you are being ambushed."

They all live in Spring Hill, and they wanted the 54 men and women who wear a badge there to know they are valued.

"It really just hit home to me the sacrificers these men and women take and we just take for granted because we're just used to growing up with officers helping us," said organizer Patti Culmer.

The small idea grew bigger online and with sponsors in the community. Friday, volunteers became friends over stuffed gift bags and thank you notes.

"That's what we have in common even though we don't know each other," said volunteer Meg Edd.

The bags will go to each officer at the Spring Hill Police Department. Culmer had also just helped a friend make care packages for the Brentwood Police Department the week before.

"I just hope it puts a smile on their face and makes their day a bit brighter," Culmer said.

When they delivered the goods they found a happy surprise.

"We have these thermals that are filled with goodies for you," Culmer said as she handed the bags over to officers.

The women saw how much love the police force has been feeling.

"Everybody's brought food and goodies and free t-shirts," officers said, pointing to a large spread of food a resident brought the department for lunch.

With hugs, high fives, and a few tears, they left their small gesture in hopes it has a big impact: bringing the community together in more ways than one.