Local Protest Held Against Missile Strikes On Syrian Chemical Weapon Facilities

Posted: 8:04 PM, Apr 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-16 12:57:17Z
Local Protest Held Against Missile Strikes

A local protest was held in Nashville after President Trump authorized missile strikes on suspected Syrian chemical weapon facilities. 

This came after gas attacks on Syrian civilians.

"Mission Accomplished..." That's what President Trump tweeted after the air strikes on Syria by the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

According to tweets, some Americans feel the gas attacks were a crime against humanity and they're glad military action was taken. 

On Sunday protesters gathered at the historic courthouse in Nashville for an anti-war protest. 

They chanted, "When Syria is under attack what do we do? Stand up fight back!"

One sign in the small crowd said, "War is organized murder." 

The group walked in a circle chanting, "U.S. out of the Middle East, no justice, no peace."

"They should not have bombed until they investigated that gas attack. Now, I don't know if they could investigate it," Arnold White said.

Protesters feel the missile strikes could stir up more problems.

"It's very risky," Jane Steinfels Hussain said. "So far, Trump's sword rattling has not resulted in nuclear war whether with North Korea or with Russia, but it seems that he wants to keep pushing his luck."

Russia historically backs Syria and Bashar al-Assad. Some protesters fear Vladimir Putin will retaliate on Syria's behalf.

"The vast majority of the American people want peace. We don't want more war," Hussain said.

They chanted, "Pentagon kills by the hour, what do we do? Fight the power!"

Protesters said they are advocating for peace.

"I think the more people that come out for peace, the quicker it will get here," White said.

The protestors also said if President Trump is concerned about the welfare of Syrian citizens, he should allow more refugees into the country.