Local Restaurant Owner Feels Like He's Being Forced Out Of Green Hills

Posted at 5:07 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 21:33:26-04

A local Indian restaurant owner feels like he's being pushed out of the Green Hills neighborhood due to an ongoing deal with CVS and Nashville.

Sometimes the traffic on Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills is terrible, which is why a council member has been working to fix the issue since he took office. 

The city has been planning to connect Crestmoor Road and Glen Echo Road, but that would require moving the CVS Pharmacy, putting Shalimar's in jeopardy. 

The current disconnect has been the culprit for major traffic backups.

"If you were to stand there and look at how discombobulated that intersection is, it wouldn't take you five seconds to figure it out," said Russ Pulley.

CVS has purchased the old Krystal's restaurant and the parking lot behind it. They're also planning to buy the Indian restaurant next door, Shalimar's. Mobeen Ahmad has owned it for decades.

"We don't want to move," Ahmad said. "Every time the sword is hanging on our head, whether we have to continue here or not."

Ahmad said CVS is in negotiations with his landlord to buy out their property.

"It's not easy to move the restaurant. We have a new exhaust fan and everything there," he said.

He said moving could affect his livelihood.

"I have children and a family to support."

While Ahmad feels as though he's been left out of negotiations, Pulley said he was warned.

"I let them know that was going on before they spent too much money," said Pulley.

If Ahmad has to move, Pulley believes CVS will compensate him and the property owner.

"From what I know of the books and what the restaurants doing now, and what I know that CVS has offered them, it's a really nice deal," said Pulley.

CVS is expected to complete the acquisition deal with the property owner of the Indian restaurant within the week. If it goes through, CVS will start demolition. 

Pulley believes it could be a couple years until Glen Echo and Crestmoor Road are connected. CVS wants to continue operating out of their current building until the new CVS is built across the street. 

CVS officials did not immediately respond for comment on this story.