Local Woman Dies After Taking Counterfeit Xanex

Posted at 6:49 PM, Feb 10, 2016

A Middle Tennessee family has spoken out after their loved one died from taking counterfeit Xanex. 

Alicia Alred said her 18-year-old niece called her in hysterics on January 29th, 

Alicia Alred said, "She was screaming to the top of her lungs that her mom was dying. When I got here, my brother was attempting CPR but Misty was so blue... she had been gone for at least an hour." 

Misty Burnett was 37-years old when she died.

Alred said, “She texted her daughter that night and said I’m scared, I’m so sick. And then her daughter didn’t get it.. and then she laid down, and she was gone.”

Alred thought it was just an overdose until she went through her sister's phone.

Alred said, “I went through her text messages, and I found out that she had bought some Xanex that she thought was real and they were fake.” 

According to Alred, a cousin gave the Xanex to her sister and they're not sure where it came from.

Alred said, “I know that they can’t investigate anything until her autopsy comes back but in the meantime people are getting sick… and possibly dying. And I don’t want anyone else to bury their loved one the way we had to.”

Alred said she has called police and their family is waiting to get back the toxicology report. 

Alred said, “In the meantime while my sister is in the ground, people are still taking them and they’re dying and I can’t get anyone to listen to me.”

Alred fears her sister's death is connected to a larger investigation.

On Monday the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation held a press conference to alert the public to Percocet and xanex "look alikes" that actually carry high amounts of a potent pain killer called Fentanyl.