Local Woman Loses Family Heirloom In Lost Luggage

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 18:16:55-04

A mid-state woman lost her luggage which included a family heirloom during a nationwide glitch that left many Southwest passengers without flights and stranded for days.

Erica Jackson said Southwest Airlines lost her luggage when the computer outage hit, losing priceless family jewelry along with it.

On July 21st she tried to fly from Nashville International Airport to Las Vegas but never made it.

Jackson said, "We were going to Las Vegas to celebrate our birthday and go to the Neighborhood Awards. We got to the airport two hours early did everything we thought we were supposed to do and got bumped off our flight. 53 people got bumped off."

When she was about to board she said Southwest Airlines experienced a nationwide computer outage.

Jackson said, "We tried to get on another flight that night… there wasn't another one. Tried to get on one the next day, that flight was cancelled. Then they said there was another flight on my birthday but they wouldn't be able to bring me back?"

Eventually she had to leave the airport and go back to work at the hair salon.

She can't stop thinking about one of her bags that never made it back home.

Jackson said, "There's also a ring in that bag that my father gave me and I would really like to have and I only wear on special occasions it was my birthday and I was guna wear it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to wear it again."

Jackson is upset because her family heirloom, a ruby ring, was in her luggage along with a diamond tennis bracelet.

Jackson said, "They told me they weren't going to look for my bags anymore, and told me to stop calling their office because it wasn't going to do any good. I just want to have my stuff back… I’m sorry.”

Southwest airlines issued us a statement:

“Thank you for your concern for our Customer, Erica Jackson. We know that due to our system outage, Erica and her companion, Corene Reed, were not able to travel from BNA-LAS on July 21. For this significant inconvenience, Erica and Corene received $2,120 total in Southwest LUV Vouchers at BNA for denied boarding compensation. They checked four bags total, and one was returned from LAS to BNA. Erica picked up that bag in BNA on July 25, and her and Corene were issued an additional $200 Southwest LUV Voucher for the inconvenience. Erica was advised that we will continue searching for the other three bags. On July 26, she spoke with a Baggage Representative at the Oklahoma Center who explained the claims process and to allow 30 days for a response once the information on unclaimed bags is received at Central Baggage Services. She submitted a claim form on July 29. The report submitted for the unclaimed bags listed the items as primarily being clothing, shoes and two envelopes with cards, however jewelry items were not listed. The search for the bags will continue, and she will be contacted within 30 days as we complete the process.”