Locals Have Thanksgiving, Contemplate Edgehill Food Desert

Posted: 4:21 PM, Nov 22, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-23 00:44:04Z
Thanksgiving Held Amid Edgehill Food Desert

How do you go from having Thanksgiving dinner, to worrying how any food will make it to the table?

That's a question some who live in Edgehill have been asking themselves this holiday as the only grocery store for two miles closed recently.

"Everybody's starting to call me and say where's the grocery store at? We don't have any means to get food," said Terry Key, founder of the Edgehill Bike Club.

Key and other community members served a Thanksgiving meal at the New Hope Baptist Church for people impacted by the closure. Key said providing food to the neighborhood has only been a temporary fix to the problem. Children in the area have been going without food since school has been out, and the Edgehill grocery store closed.

"Kids are going through a lot of stuff these days," said Key. "I was one of these kids. I see myself in these kids, and I knew how hard it was for me to survive up in these rough neighborhoods. So, I just want to be the stand up guy and be the leader."

Key and the others sent home boxes of food with people at the Thanksgiving meal that will hopefully last for a few days while they search for a solution. He said the area has become a food desert.

"We've got to have people out in the neighborhood to connect with people to bring these groceries out to them," he said.