Major drugstore chains to offer second COVID-19 booster shots

COVID-19 vaccine
Posted at 6:21 AM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 08:52:19-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — People will now have an easier time finding the second COVID-19 booster shots.

Most major drugstore chains across the country are offering them, but a lot of people are asking themselves, "Do I really need it?"

Doctors do recommend the second booster for those 50 and older and immunocompromised. Especially in case of another surge of the virus.

COVID-19 case numbers are slowly rising nationally as the BA.2 subvariant of omicron takes hold.

People who received their boosters at least four months ago can schedule their shots now to roll up their sleeves for the fourth time. They must provide their date of birth as well as indicate the make and date of their last COVID-19 shot.

So should you get another booster, experts explain it's going to depend on the person but remember the risk of having side effects with this booster is relatively low.

"They are being transparent about the fact that we really don't have a lot of real-world evidence on how protective this is going to be. But we want to be proactive because when we have seen surges it's already too late,” Dr. Abisola Olulade said.

Experts believe coronavirus boosters could be done every year.

According to the Metro Public Health Department, the boosters will be available at their assessment centers.