Man Who Accused Music Publicist Of Sexual Assault Writing Book

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-19 19:44:28-04

A man who claimed a Nashville music publicist sexually assaulted him has stated he’s writing a book.

Austin Rick, who went by the name Austin Cody when he was represented by Kirt Webster's publicity firm, released a statement about the upcoming book:

"Kirt is a pathological liar who seems to have convinced himself that his 24 on-the-record victims over a span of years are all delusional. My forthcoming book will help to clear up and provide far more intimate details about my own victimization, and about Kirt Webster's predatory tactics."


"It's the ultimate crushing blow to those of us who suffer flashbacks each day and night of Webster pushing himself on us, planting kisses where they don't belong, grabbing our genitals, sexually assaulting us, and then reminding us that he owns us. It's a typical example of the symbiosis among money and power. Kirt has these resources, and therefore has been able to employ his social capital to hide and cower while under protection from accountability. So, something like this story is semi-expected, but at the same time it's motivation for me to bring the world a book that will help transport readers back into each criminal scene as it unfolded. This book will not mince details."

Sexual assault allegations against Kirt Webster first surfaced back in early November 2017.

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