Maplewood High School senior honored by classmates

AM Amy Maplewood HS Queen PKG.transfer_frame_4647.jpeg
Posted at 8:42 AM, Nov 24, 2021

Isn't it a nice surprise when you meet someone, and there's an instant connection? It's like suddenly, you have a new, old friend. In fact, everyone who meets Destine Moore loves her — and that's why she's now "royalty" at Maplewood High in Nashville.

The homecoming committee asked her exceptional education class recently if there was anyone who wanted to run for football homecoming queen and the 17-year-old immediately raised her hand. Destine's mom, Bernita Roper, said, "When she said she wanted to run, I wasn't shocked cause she feels like she can do anything!"

Destine's parents helped her campaign. They made posters and handed out candy with "Vote for Destine" cards tied to them. Her dad even made "Vote for Destine" t-shirts and jackets.

"It says 'Vote for Destine,' my favorite dad forever. He made it for me," Destine said.

"Destine does not see herself as a special needs child," her mother said. "We encourage her to try anything and everything."

Finally, it was the big night and the queen's court lined up on the football field for the ceremony — and to the family's surprise, Destine won!

"When they called her name, I think my heart stopped for a moment. I was like 'OMG did they really just say Destine?' And I looked at her little face and she was so excited to hear her name," her mom exclaimed.

Her dad, Shawn Moore, said, "I took 1,500 pictures that night, and I am so proud of her!"

Destine says that she tries on her crown every day because she is "proud of herself."

And an interesting side note, one of her older sisters was crowned homecoming queen several years ago at Stratford High in Nashville. They keep their crowns together in a glass case at home.