Mayor Visits Businesses To Promote Transit Plan

Posted at 6:08 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 19:08:03-05

In reaction to mixed reviews to a $5.2 billion transit plan, Mayor Megan Barry talked with several business owners on Nolensville Pike to raise support for light rail.

In businesses in and near Plaza Mariachi, the mayor met business owners and explained how the transit plan could help bring business to the new shopping center. The businesses sit along one of the roads for a proposed light rail.

"One of the things that you feel and see is just the dynamic energy in this community," said Barry. "It's reflected here and it's reflected across this corridor, which is why we're going to put transit [here]."

The mayor unveiled “Let's Move Nashville: Metro's Transportation Solution" in mid-October to praise and criticism. Some said the price tag is too high. A Vanderbilt economics professor wrote a paperabout how alternate forms of transportation would serve Nashvillians better.

The mayor does invite feedback from the people of Nashville, but still thinks light rail will be positive for the city's future.

"We're asking what people think, but we're also saying this is coming, we're excited about it. We want you to know about this and I think educating people about the possibility is key," she said.