Metro launches app to make recycling easier

Posted at 8:51 AM, Mar 18, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Metro Public Works is making it easier for you to figure out if you're recycling correctly.

Metro offers a curbside recycling option but 46% of what people are putting into the recycling bin can’t be recycled through that program. The agency just released a new app will make it easier for people to find out where they should be putting their unwanted recyclable items.

The Nashville Waste and Recycling app can be downloaded on your phone. It has a personalized trash and recycling customer collection calendar for Metro curbside customers with trash and recycling pick-up day reminders.

It also has a search tool that allows you to determine what may and may not be recycled.

The “Waste Wizard” shows you how to dispose of over 200 listed items including hazardous materials, bulky waste and recycling materials.

Metro Public Works knows people struggle with what they can and cannot recycle, so they’re excited about the app.

“When you start putting that material in the wrong bin or taking it to the wrong location, then what happens is instead of the material getting recycled properly or be disposed of properly, it just ends up in the wrong place and a lot of that good work people are trying to do to recycle right those recyclables just end up in landfill,” said Jenn Harrman, the Waste Reduction Program Manager with Metro Nashville Public Works

Thursday is also Global Recycling Day, so why not go ahead and download the app? Recycling may be easier than you think, and the app is free. Click here for information on how to download the app. You can also find more information on hubNashville.