Metro teacher's aide killed Saturday night, is being remembered for inspiring students

Posted at 6:30 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-17 21:17:58-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The search is on for an "armed and dangerous" suspect, wanted in the murder of a Metro teacher's aide. Detectives believe Robert Smith shot and killed Rasheed Walker, while he was running away on Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd late Saturday night.

While there are still so many questions about how Walker died, his longtime co-worker wants everyone to know how he lived.

"He’s too important of a person to be forgotten," said Tamara Reynolds, a teacher at Cora Howe School in Nashville.

Walker worked for Cora Howe School for more than 10 years in a variety of support roles. In 2018, he was a substitute teacher for Reynolds. They shared a classroom together the entire year. Reynolds says no matter his job, Walker's outlook was still the same. "Your life is not as meaningful if you’re not serving others," she said.

Walker proved it every day to his students, through words and deeds. "He’s a fashion hound," said Reynolds. "He would give all his clothes to his mom who then passed them on to any students who may need it."

Walker's mom is also a teacher at Cora Howe. "They saw each other every day," said Reynolds.

Rasheed's generosity came with certain expectations. Reynolds says he pushed his students, but in the best possible way. "They wanted to impress him, they looked up to him," she said.

They looked up to him for good reason. Outside of the classroom, Walker ran the Nashville Pro-Am Basketball League, giving players the chance to strengthen their skills.

His students also helped him assemble care packages three times a year, that went to caregivers and families at Vanderbilt's Trauma Center. "Just so those people waiting, praying, grieving, whatever, had someone there," she said.

The idea for care packages came after Walker was a patient there himself. A few years ago, Rasheed was involved in a wrong-way crash on Briley Parkway that nearly took his life.

Reynolds certainly wants answers in Walker's death, because it ended such an incredible life. "We’re going to miss out on someone that encourages and supports and pushes and has a positive attitude," she said.

Walker was also a faithful member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.