Metro, Williamson County Team Up to Adopt Dog

Posted at 7:23 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 20:48:43-04

An ongoing partnership between Metro Animal Care and Control and the Williamson County Animal Center is helping find dogs across the area new homes.

The most recent beneficiary of the program is Lafayette. The 3-year-old Pit Bull mix has been at Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC) for 160 days, making him the longest running resident at the shelter. Officials with Metro said despite adoption promotions, and attempts to feature him prominently on their Facebook page, he hasn’t been able to find a new home.

“He’s a cool dog.  He has an amazing personality,” said Rebecca Morris, Spokesperson for Metro Animal Care and Control.  “What we see is people walking right by his kennel. He has grabbed our hearts, and we want to make sure he gets a chance.”

Morris personally drove Lafayette to Williamson County Animal Center in hopes of finding him a home.

“What we have learned is census matters. You want to change the dogs you have in the shelter. You never know, when he enters Williamson County, an adopter could be right behind us.”

Metro and Williamson County have traded a total of 14 dogs, and the results have been positive. They hope a simple change of venue pays off for Lafayette. 

“We’re not necessarily going to do anything different than MACC,” said Mark Basenberg, at Williamson County Animal Center. “A new location brings new looks, and new potential owners.”

To adopt Lafayette, or any other animal at the shelter in Franklin, you can contact the Williamson County Animal Center at (615) 790-5590.

The shelter at MACC is at capacity. There is an adoption promotion going on now where adoption fees are reduced to $5.