Michelle Branch Says Celebrity Tour Bus Stop Is 'Invasion of Privacy'

Posted at 11:07 PM, Nov 17, 2017

A celebrity who now calls Nashville home is steamed over the busload of tourists rolling up to her house almost every day.

Singer/songwriter Michelle Branch complained Friday in a tweet about the Grayline Homes of the Stars tour, saying it stops in front of her and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney's home almost daily.



I feel like this is dangerous and an invasion of privacy -- I can't possibly be alone in feeling this way?" Branch said in the tweet.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry saw the tweet and replied -- saying Metro's Transportation Licensing Commission could help.

But NewsChannel 5 contacted the director of that commission, who said, in fact, local ordinances do not regulate tour buses.

The tour bus would have to follow traffic and travel rules like other vehicles, including where it can park, but there's no clear sign the tour bus company is violating any of those rules as long as it's staying on public streets.