Mid-State Medics Warn About Heroin Overdoses

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Could a deadly batch of heroin be making its way through the mid-state right now? That's the warning from medics following a slew of heroin overdose calls over the last few days in Murfreesboro, including two different overdose calls made from the same home on the same day.

It happened at a home off Riviera Drive over the weekend.

During one call-out, children were in the home.  During the other, the overdose victim said he got the heroin for his birthday.

Medics in Rutherford county responded to at least two other overdose calls over the weekend, some administering the drug NARCAN that reverses the potentially fatal symptoms of an overdose.

One Murfreesboro medic recalled the first time he ever administered the drug, saving the victim's life.

"It was actually one of the times you think you're making a difference," said Karl Daigle with Murfreesboro Fire Rescue.  "This person was borderline possibly to dying, and we gave them medication that brought them back."

Murfreesboro Fire Rescue says each dose of NARCAN costs about $40.  

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