Million Dollars Sex Assault Lawsuit Targets Mid-State YMCA

Posted at 9:32 PM, Jul 18, 2016

A criminal investigation and million-dollar civil lawsuit have been filed against a Middle Tennessee YMCA, making allegations of sexual misconduct.

A former member of the YMCA filed the lawsuit against Maryland Farms YMCA in Williamson County Circuit Court. The suit has made disturbing allegations of gross misconduct and repeated sexual misconduct in the steam bath and a Jacuzzi at the facility.

The plaintiff said the incidents happened at the popular Brentwood facility beginning in July of last year.

He said the defendant entered the Jacuzzi pool, and then suddenly – without warning –aggressively and forcibly reached into his clothing and sexually assaulted him.

Shocked, he left the YMCA.

When he returned a week later, he said the same man followed him, entering the steam room and grabbed his genitals.

This time he reported both incidents to the staff at the Y.

According to the lawsuit, the YMCA staff acknowledged that they knew who the individual was, and was aware he had engaged in such actions many times prior to the plaintiff's complaint.

Despite the complaint and a reassurance the Y would address the matter, the accuser said the same man engaged him two more times just this past February.

This time he filed a report with the Brentwood Police Department. They confirmed an active investigation looking into possible criminal activity.

No arrest has yet been made.

The case was likely to end up in the hands of the grand jury.

As for the civil lawsuit, it stated the YMCA was negligent in hiring and training employees regarding the protection of patrons from sexual predators.

NewsChannel 5 learned the suspect was a former member of the advisory board – not at Maryland Farms – but for the Brentwood YMCA. His service reportedly ended in December 2010. 

The lawyer for the defendant said his client denies sexually assaulting anyone.

The YMCA has yet to see the million-dollar lawsuit. They did issue a statement saying, "the safety of our members and guests is our top priority."

On Tuesday, they released a statement, saying: 

"As has been reported, there has been a lawsuit filed against the YMCA of Middle Tennessee alleging that an adult male YMCA member was sexually assaulted by another adult male member at the Maryland Farms Y.

Since we have not yet been served, we are in the process of collecting information about the lawsuit. When we receive the lawsuit, we will review it with legal counsel and respond as appropriate. However, we do want to clarify that the YMCA is not under criminal investigation.

At the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, our primary concern is the safety of the members and guests in our facilities.

We fully cooperated with local law enforcement earlier this year when they investigated this matter and will continue to cooperate in any further investigation.

The defendant has never served on the YMCA’s Board of Directors. He served as an advisory board member for the Brentwood Y, but that service ended in December 2010. He is no longer a member of the YMCA."